North Kerala


Known as the land of Gods, forts, rivers, hills and beautiful beaches, Kasargod are world famous for its coir and handloom industries. Kasargod is the northekrn most district of Kerala. Kasaragod displays a variety of styles in temple architecture. The largest fort in the state, the Bekal fort is in this district.


District derived its name from the location of its headquarters at Kannur town. Kannur was formerly known as Cannanore. Kannur is popularly known as the city of Looms and Lores. Kannur is the land of the famous performing art Theyyam.


A hilly district lying close to the Sahya ranges and with almost one forth of the total land area under forest cover, Wayanad is known for its lovely mist clad hill stations, sprawling spice plantations, luxuriant forests and rich cultural traditions. Wayanad district is also home to some of the oldest tribes in South India.


Known as Calicut during British rule, was the capital of the highly powerful and well cultured Zamorins. Later it became the capital of the Malabar region during the period of British rule. With its long serene coastline, picturesque mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and lively forests, wild life sanctuaries and historical sites, Kozhikode unveils a visual treat to any visitor.


Bounded by the Nilgiri hills on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, Malappuram, with its rich natural beauty, lush coconut grooves and historic past, has its own tourist attractions. The temples and mosque of this district are well known for their festivals.